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This might be the most exciting part of our work!

Together we look at the full range of your goals—the big picture and all the little steps needed to achieve it. You and I will work on clarifying your target audience and researching your best ways to reach them. One of my favorite aspects of working with clients is to take away the mystery of promotion by providing creative problem solving with specific solutions. We often begin by explaining the best use of your time and resources, and how to best utilize web and print media.

Marketing 101...

When purchasing your domain name, consider purchasing multiple versions. For example if you are registering .com, you should also register .net and .us if possible. Doing this will help lower the possibility of someone else infringing upon your company name or project name.

If you own a domain name for your business, your email address should use the same name. Using free email addresses—google, yahoo, etc.—on your business cards or any other items that represent you, does not reinforce your branding and looks unprofessional.

Be authentic. No one wants to feel like you are trying to sell them on something. Share your thoughts with your true voice without obsessing about keywords, SEO or best practices.


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