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My name is Dianne Foster, owner of paisley arts.

I have worked for small service bureaus to large commercial print shops (take a peek at my online resumé or download a PDF if you like) and enjoyed all the technical challenges that I could possibly get my hands on. But in 2001 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and my life and my thoughts about my life went topsy-turvy. I wanted more—more outlets for creativity, more contact with clients, more... So after I was in remission and raring to go again, I started my own business, paisley arts.

With a degree in Psychology and an emphasis in Social Psychology, I enjoy finding out what catches the attention of people and figuring out why. This curiosity flows naturally into my design process.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I made my way to Texas after I graduated from college. What was I thinking? Texas was hot, flat and not my idea of an oasis. And women had really big hair there. Seriously. But I did meet the man of my dreams there. So after we got married we pulled out the old Rand McNally Atlas and found ourselves in the land of lush, green and gorgeous Portland, Oregon.

We love it here. My husband cycles to work every day. We have one car. We have two furry children. We have great neighbors. Moving to Portland in 1996 was like finding family that we did not know we had and that we really like.

My Myers-Briggs ENFP profile says a lot about me: “You love exploration of new and better ways of doing things, to uncover hidden potential in people, things or situations. You break new ground, and are often looking one step beyond the current situation to pursue unexplored avenues, until all the possibilities have been exhausted. You often challenge the status quo and experiment with the introduction of change, to see if the situation can be improved or new potential uncovered.”

Let’s find your new potential!

Top two photos in sidebar by Steve Hambuchen


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